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The Harris Product Group brazing alloy purity runs all the way through the rod top to bottom making a huge difference in the integrity of the brazed joint. This eliminates leaks caused by oxide, impurities and contamination. Wherever there is contamination, the alloy flows around it, leaving pinholes in the joint. These pinholes allow gases to leak. Properly brazed. the biggest difference between a Harris joint and a joint brazed with another brand is reliability.


Flash® has a substantially lower melting temperature than standard 0% silver alloys resulting in less annealing to the base metal. Brazing time is faster. Cycle time is less. Flash® is an economical and fast-flowing phos/copper alloy ideally suited for all manufacturing applications both manual and automatic where cost effective connections are essential.

Dynaflow® is an exceptionally pure phos/copper/silver brazing alloy recommended for all copper to copper and copper to brass cooling applications. This alloy has provided decades of serviceability and economics to customers. Dynaflow® is a premium, medium range silver alloy developed to mirror the performance characteristics of the 15% silver brazing filler metals. Excellent for brazing both tight and loose fitted applications.

Blockade® is the first of a new family of silicon/tin alloy brazing filler metals. Blockade® is engineered to join copper, brass or bronze. Blockade®\'s innocative composition provides the ability to form a large shoulder (cap) at the braze connection. Excellent for all industries.

Harris 0
Low-cost alloy for many copper to copper applications where moderate fit-up can be maintained and brazing temperature is not critical.

Stay-Silv® 2
Stay-Silv® 2 is an economical, low silver alloy. It is designed to broaden the melting range of Harris 0, and has proven useful in some specific applications where mechanical properties are less critical.

Stay-Silv® 5
Stay-Silv® 5 is useful primarily where fit-up cannot be tightly controlled. It is a medium range alloy.

Stay-Silv® 6
Stay-Silv® 6 is slightly more fluid and can be used where closer tolerances are available; Like Stay-Silv® 5, it is somewhat more ductile than Harris 0.

Low Fuming Bronze (LFB)
A braze-welding alloy used to braze steel, steel alloys and cast iron. LFB is frequently used to braze steel brackets, straps, angles and related fittings. Rod is deposited by melting it along the length of the joint. This alloy requires wider joint gaps, fillets or V-grooved butt joints for best results.

*The above are abstracts from The Harris Products Group product catalogue. For further information, please contact us.

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