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The Harris Product Group manufactures a complete line of cadium-free, high silver brazing alloys - only pure base metals are used.
Precision production procedures ensure consistency in product quality, chemistry, composition, dimension and performance.


Safety-Silv® 25 
A low cost, general purpose silver brazing alloy. Exhibits moderate ductility and slightly higher melting temperature than alloys containing higher percentages of silver and/or tin.

Safety-Silv® 30
A cadium free alloy with a plastic range of 79°C (175°CF) with good flow and good fillet forming quality. It produces high strength and ductile joints.

Safety-Silv® 35
This smooth flowing alloy exhibits good ductility on ferrous and non-ferrous base materials. It is often used as an economical alternative to higher silver content alloys.

Safety-Silv® 38T
This tin bearing alloy combines excellent fillet-forming characteristics with good flow properties. The addition of a small amount of tin provides qualities normally associated with alloys containing greater quantities of silver.

Safety-Silv® 40
Ductile, free flowing alloy offers economy, good penetration into tight connections and medium temperature. Silver to light yellow colour like polished brass.

Safety-Silv® 40T
Similar to 38T in its ability for excellent fillets and maintain good mechanical properties while flowing at a lower temperature.

Safety-Silv® 45
Excellent general purpose brazing alloy; Often specified in governement-use. Good ductility and capillary flow. Possesses a silver to light yellow colour.

Safety-Silv® 45T
Performs like a 45% silver, cadium alloy, but is cadium-free. Lower melting temperature than Safety-Silv ® 45. Excellent fillet forming qualities. Produces high strength, ductile joints. NSF certified to NSF 51.

Safety-Silv® 50N
Often used to braze stainless steel to limit interface corrosion. It is also an excellent choice for tungsten carbide brazing applications.

Safety-Silv® 56
High silver content alloy that makes premium quality brazes. Free-flowing with unsurpassed capillary attraction and deep penetration. Ductility is high, and corrosion resistance is excellent for all but stron chemical applications. Offers highest elongation of silver brazing alloys. Can be used in the food processing industry. Silver colour is an excellent match for stainless steel and silverware applications. NSF certified to NSF 51.

*The above are abstracts from The Harris Products Group product catalogue. For further information, please contact us.

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